Elderly AOP Citizen - Image Credit Free Range Stock - Merelize More than 630,000 homes were broken into last year, that’s more than one per minute across England and Wales.

Often people who have been burgled suffer from sleepless nights and anxiety, they do not want to leave their house, or sometimes they even feel the need to sell up and move away.

Victim Support have joined forces with security firm ADT to help tackle burglary and support more victims of break-ins.

Victim Support aim to offer emotional and practical help to every victim of burglary in England and Wales, in order for them to find the strength to move on after a break-in.

Our ‘Take No More’ partnership with ADT pledges to raise £250,000 to support this work. Together we will run free crime-prevention schemes for householders; increase awareness and take-up of support services for burglary victims; and campaign to ensure that those victims get justice in court.

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