Work social network - Image Credit Free Range Stock - Jack MorehWVSC is currently working with partners on two projects aimed at developing new ways of working within the City.  We have had a number of requests to clarify what the work involves, the stage it has reached and at what point the wider VCS will have the opportunity to be involved. 

Progress with these two projects is likely to lead to opportunities for VCS delivery but they both are in there early stages.

Prevention partnership – innovation and care

Funded by Public Health, this new initiative in Wolverhampton aims to bring about a refocus of delivery of Health & Social Care away from acute and towards preventative care. It brings together the Clinical Commissioning Group, Public Health, Wolverhampton City Council, Wolverhampton Voluntary Sector Council and Royal Hospital Trust to jointly explore how to make this happen locally.

We are six months into the work and have travelled some way on this journey already; time has been spent discussing and listening to the different values, priorities and languages of the different sectors and organisations – no mean feat when we have the potential of conflicting organisational targets and cultures against a national backdrop of cost cutting and internally driven markets.

The group has decided to focus on trying to transform behaviours – of professional staff, communities and individuals, leading to the provision of localised preventative care. The group decided to focus on the care of older women experiencing Urinary Tract Infections as a concrete example of what could be done differently. The initiative is about how existing resources can be utilised differently to create different outcomes.

A small number of VCOs with knowledge of UTIs have recently been involved and we have started to map care pathways to identify intervention points for behaviour change; the questions will be – at what point does behaviour need to change – at what points could we intervene for prevention?

We will be running a number of focus group sessions with the Voluntary and Community Sector in the New Year and absolutely no decisions will be made before then- so please look out for notification of these sessions, which will come via WVSC’s newsletter.  

Social Impact Bond

Linked to the Prevention Partnership work, WVSC is exploring the feasibility of developing a Social Impact Bond with Wolverhampton Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). This would enable social investment into preventative services that will result in improved well-being of older people, reduced demand for (urgent and emergency) secondary health care and ultimately savings to commissioners.

This work is still in its infancy – our proposal was approved by the Big Lottery, and work is now being undertaken to secure funding to develop a full business case that would assess the feasibility of this kind of model and approach, and the various options available to the CCG. If successful, there will be a series of consultation events and market engagement activities as part of the development of a business case. Again, we will send these opportunities out via WVSC’s newsletter.

In addition an update on both these areas of work will be provided at the next Third Sector Partnership on 15 October

For further information in the meantime, please contact Natasha Jolob: T. 07590 523 540.

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