Beat the StreetWhat is Beat the Street?

Beat the street is a physical activity game.  Players are issued with a beat box card (like an oyster card) which they tap against ‘beat boxes’ strategically placed on lamp posts around the city (see below).

Players walk, run, cycle, skateboard or roller skate from one beat box to another along their journey, and by swiping their beat box card on a beat box, they accumulate points for themselves and/or team. These points feature on team leader boards and every week there are spot prizes for participation.

Beat the Street is commissioned by Wolverhampton City Council and will be running in Wolverhampton between 24 Feb and 13 April and we would like lots of Community groups to get involved and play. For them there is the opportunity for their community group to win lots of prizes for their group including up to £1000 of vouchers to be spent at Decathlon.

Please feel free to share this information through social media or send the URL to any persons of interest.

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