budgetAs the Chancellor announces his first budget since Theresa May became Prime Minister, Channel 4 News will be paying a visit to Wolverhampton on Monday 21st November, to interview members of the public for their news programme.

In her first speech, Mrs. May spoke about trying to help those families that are ‘just managing’ – ie those who are earning enough money so that they are not entitled to much/if any government assistance, but who don’t earn enough to save, meaning every month is a struggle.

They’d really like to speak to people who are in this position (and who also voted to leave the EU) – to hear what they would like the government to do to make life easier for them, as well as what their hopes are for a Britain outside of the EU.

If you are interested in taking part, contact Anja Popp on 07525213130 or anja.popp@itn.co.uk


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