Attending a hospital can often be a very frightening and disconcerting experience, whether you yourself are the patient or you’re visiting a loved one, hospitals can often fill people with a sense of unease.

However at New Cross hospital, a team of volunteers are on hand to make sure your experience is as positive as possible, whether that’s helping you find the department or ward you’re looking for, or making you a cup of tea and keeping you company in outpatient treatment centres.

Volunteers are a priceless resource in the NHS, often taking care of tasks that allow nurses and clinical support staff to perform their own duties without added pressures.

Working across a vast array of wards and departments, volunteers carry out a wide range of duties, from greeting visitors and escorting them across the large and often confusing buildings, to assisting patients on wards by providing recreational activities and friendly companionship.

Volunteers come from all walks of life, and are of all age ranges, ethnicities, and faiths; whether you’re a retired, older person who would like to spend their free time giving back to the community, or a prospective healthcare student who would like more experience within the field, there are a huge variety of posts and roles to suit you.

The Volunteer Services Coordinators are on hand to offer you all the support and training you will need, and they can often assist you in finding the role that utilises your own skills and interests.


For further information about volunteering at New Cross Hospital at the vacancies available, please see below.




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