Opportunity Id: DN258972

Title: MW17078 Headstart Community Project Market Consultation

Categories: 92101503 – Community outreach programs, 93142008 – Urban community services

Description: This is a market consultation event for the procurement of community projects for Headstart Phase 3. The contract will be tendered under the number PP17078.

The event will run on 21 April 2017 and will be repeated on 11 May 2017 to enable as many potential providers as possible to attend. This event will take place prior to finalisation of the specification and evaluation process.

If you are interested in attending the event on the 21 April 2017 please register here.

If you are interested in attending the event on the 11 May 2017 please register here.

Region(s) of supply: Walsall and Wolverhampton
Estimated value: N/A
Keywords: Young people, Headstart, Mental Health
Estimated contract dates:
Start date: 04/09/2017
End date: 04/09/2017
For further information, and to register on the ProContract procurement portal where you can keep up to date with new opportunities, please visit here.

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