The idea is to bring people together who are near neighbours in communities that are religiously and ethnically diverse, so that they can get to know each other better, build relationships of trust and collaborate together on initiatives that improve the local community they live in.

Near Neighbours has two key objectives:

  • Social interaction – to develop positive relationships in multi-faith and multi-ethnic areas i.e. to help people from different faiths and ethnicities get to know and understand each other better.
  • Social action – to encourage people of different faiths and of no faith and of different ethnicities to come together for initiatives that improve their local neighbourhood.

Grants between £250 and £5,000 are available for local groups and organisations who are working to bring together neighbours, to develop relationships across diverse faiths and ethnicities in order to improve their communities. 

These must be local initiatives, planned by and involving local people, which has a specific local impact. We will look especially favourably on applications from diverse neighbourhoods and those with particular issues of deprivation and other challenges, as well as where there is the intention and likelihood of deep and lasting relationships of trust between people, in order to transform communities.

Please visit our website to read the grant criteria and guidance in full. Please read this before making an application.

If you wish to apply for our funding, please follow the following procedure:

  • Review whether your activity/project fits in with our criteria and is based in an eligible area. Eligible areas can be found on our website. 
  • Contact the Black Country Coordinator to discuss your idea. Remember you need to think at least six weeks in advance when planning your project.
  • Start the application form. Applications are available from your local Coordinator and on our website Near Neighbours
  • Your local Coordinator will put you in touch with your local Church of England vicar, who can act in an advisory role in support of your application.
  • Return your completed application to your local Coordinator who will review it and offer you recommendations, before forwarding it to our central office for final assessment.
  • Our Grants Coordinator will assess your application. If necessary, they will contact you with any questions they may have. Once they have all the necessary information, they will work with CUF staff who will aim to make a decision within 14 calendar days.



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