Food Cloud project is where we connect you to a local Tesco or a Tesco en route into work, where you can be assigned at least one fixed day a week to go in and collect any free surplus food.


If you are interested …

  1. Your organisation signs up to join the scheme (demonstrating that it meets the Food Hygiene and charitable requirements – there are ambient and chilled collections depending on the storage facilities you have available and what you are interested in). You can choose a morning or an evening collection time
  2. You receive a text message by 7:30pm the day before your scheduled collection day with an estimate of the surplus food available
  3. The available food is packed and prepared for you to collect
  4. You collect the food on your collection day between 7:00 and 10:00am (morning collection), or after 8:30pm (evening collection)
  5. Your organisation turns the food into nutritious meals for vulnerable people



Contact: Sarvjit Kaur

Telephone: 0757 222 8273



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