Places of Welcome: Creating safe spaces where people feel able to connect, belong and contribute


Is Wolverhampton a welcoming city?  Do you feel part of your community?  Are there places in your neighbourhood where you feel welcome?  Does your faith group or organisation offer hospitality to people in your locality?

 Many people in our wonderful, vibrant, diverse city would say ‘yes’, but some feel isolated, lonely and unwelcome. 

 Places of Welcome, a rapidly growing network of hospitality (there are now over 100 in the Midlands and 160 altogether across the UK) is run by local community groups who want to make sure that everyone has a safe place to connect, belong and contribute.

 As someone involved in Places of Welcome both locally and nationally, it’s my privilege to work alongside community groups, libraries, community centres, churches and other faith groups who offer an unconditional welcome to local people for at least a few hours a week. People pop in for a friendly face, a cup of tea and a conversation.

 Why not join us?  You’ll be very welcome.

 Visit to find out if there are Places of Welcome near you, and also what’s involved in offering a Place of Welcome at your venue.

Their days and locations are all listed at

 You can also email us for more information –



With thanks to James Henderson of POW, for submitting this article. If you would like to promote the work of your organisation, please contact our Communications Officer, Victoria, at

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