Square Pegs Round Holes CIC, which runs Wolverhampton’s Youth Discussion Forum, has managed to arrange for all 3 local MPs to attend a session with any young people aged 16 and over who live, work or study in the city, including members of Wolverhampton’s Youth Discussion Forum.

The purpose of the session is to:

*   give the young people an opportunity to raise issues relevant to their lives with the MPs,
*   hear from the MPs about the work they are doing to help improve the lives of the young people they serve
*    influence the MPs thinking and any proposals in the pipeline relevant to our young people.

It is a real coup to get the three local MPs in one place for the express purpose of dialogue with the city’s young people, and it would be great to have a diverse group of young people who want to attend to challenge the MPs to ensure that young people’s issues and concerns are central to the work the MPs do.

The session is scheduled for:

*   date: Tuesday 25 July
*   from: 6.15 to 8 pm
*   at: the Tenants Meeting  Room, Upper Vauxhall, Wolverhampton WV1 4SX.

This is an exciting opportunity for local young people, and anyone who works with young people aged 16yrs and above in Wolverhampton is asked to encourage and wherever necessary, support young people they work with to attend.


To book places, or for further information ….

ring or text: 07486 091048 or email: info.squarepegs@gmail.com and leave the names of any young people wanting to attend and a contact phone number for either the group or each young person.


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