Information regarding the application process to select delivery partners for the VCS collaborative application for all 9 lots in the HeadStart £1.53m tender.


The information about the scoring weighting that will be applied is now available. Please click on the following link to access this.

Scoring weighting for HS VCS collaboration applications

In regards to the Council’s Standard Selection Questions, the advice at this point is as follows:

  • Firstly, just complete the questions that you can do easily and save a draft.
  • All Questions in sections 1.2 (a) and 1.2 (b) can be left blank.
  • In section 6.1 you only need to provide details of one contract or grant.
  • Section 8.3 put in N/A (for not applicable) to answer all questions.

We will be seeking clarification about section 8.4 b,c,d in respect of ‘certificates’ so this should be left blank for now.

Any questions that appear to be for the lead body or are about sub-contracting (unless you are planning to pay others to do the work for you) can be left blank.

For any questions that you are unsure of, don’t understand please contact Stephen Dodd via email with the question number(s) that are causing you difficulty and he will respond following his return from annual leave on 14th August.




Please find below the links to forms for you to use to apply to be a member of the delivery partnership for the VCS collaborative application for the HeadStart Place to Go, Work with Parents and HeadStart Newshounds tender totalling £1.53m which WVSC have been asked by more than 20 local voluntary and community organisations to lead on behalf of the sector.

1. HeadStart 3 Lots Collaborative Submission – Application form for Delivery Partners final

2. Standard_Selection_Questionnaire_Template_Sept_16_v1_Word– these have to be completed by all organisations submitting or contributing to a collaborative tender response.  Not all question need to be completed by every organisation.


The application forms submitted will be assessed by three separate selection panels – one for Place to Go (lots 1-4), one for Work with Parents (lots 5-8), and the third for HeadStart Newshounds (lot 9).

The Panels will be made up of 3-4 voluntary or community organisations that are committed to a collaborative approach to this tender. Panel members will not be able to sit on a selection panel for ‘lots they have applied for.

Once panels have been finalised based on the offers received, availability, and wherever possible a range of different of types of organisations and experience, we will share the panel membership with all organisations that have applied.


Fri 4th August – scoring weighting for this application process to be circulated along with guidance on completing the Standard Selection Questionnaire.
Weds 23rd August 2017 at 12 noon – Closing date for applications (3 weeks from today).
24th August to 31st August 2017 – Panels will meet to assess applications as soon as possible after the deadline depending on the availability of sufficient numbers of prospective panel members.
Mon 4th September 2017 – Decisions to be communicated to successful and unsuccessful applicants
Tues 5th – Weds 20th September 2017 – additional information (inc. delivery plan milestones and financial information) to be provided by those delivery partners selected to be part of the collaborative application.


Help and support
Due to the need to remain impartial, we will not be able to comment on the specific content of any organisation’s application. However, we are happy to provide general guidance on: understanding the Service Specification; clarifying anything about the process or form(s) that you are unsure about.

For assistance with this matter, please don’t hesitate to contact Stephen Dodd (after the 14th August).

Stephen Dodd (YOW Co-ordinator at WVSC)
Tel: 01902 328985



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