PP17008 Drug and Alcohol Service

Opportunity Id: DN296095

PP17008 Drug and Alcohol Service

85000000 – Healthcare Services
93140000 – Community and social services

We are inviting tenders for the provision of Drug and Alcohol Services for both adults and children and young people within the city. We are looking for a Provider to deliver an integrated recovery orientated drug and alcohol service, including the delivery of structured programmes and prescribing services as well as harm reduction interventions.

The successful Provider will also be responsible for the management and delivery of needle exchange, supervised consumption and shared care provision. The Provider will be required to act as a strategic partner with the Council contributing towards shared goals and outcomes through delivery of an effective and efficient service.


Key objectives of the service include: i. To offer service users appropriate treatment for substance misuse and dependency to live healthy, safe and crime free lives. ii. Improve the mental wellbeing of service users. This applies not just to individuals with known severe and enduring mental illness but across the range of service users. iii. A clear focus on moving service users to lower intensity support within the system as soon as is possible, and where clinically safe to do so. These individuals should then be enabled to move on to mainstream, wider community provision and support. This support needs to continue to address those factors that put service users at increased risk of substance misuse in the future. This could be their housing, employment, relationships or debt i.e. issues which are impacting negatively on their mental well-being. iv. An evidence-informed contribution to a city-wide strategic approach to address the scale of the drug and alcohol problem within the population. v. Over the duration of the contract, a key objective is to achieve a move to working with substantially more people before they become an emergency alcohol related admission.

Region(s) of supply: West Midlands

Estimated value: £28,000,000.00

Estimated contract dates:
Start date
End date


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