To mark Safeguarding Week and Domestic Violence Month, The Haven will be holding
The Wolverhampton Domestic Violence Perpetrator Programme briefing session on:

3rd October 2017, 1.30pm to 4.30pm 
Venue Pay Care Offices
George Street

The session will be facilitated by My Time and The Haven.


Referral Information:

Criteria for suitability DVPP:
–           Dad or carer of child/ren currently on a Child Protection Plan or Child In Need Plan
–           Dad must be 18 years of age or over
–           Accepting some level of responsibility of domestic abuse
–           With no history of attempted strangulation perpetrated against partners / ex partners
–           Full contact details provided of females involved (partner or ex/partner)
–           Signed consent (including research) from adults involved prior to referral

(Pre-screen tools are available to assist with making an appropriate referral to My Time DVPP should you wish to use this.)


Referral Process
Before making a referral to the programme, it is important that the specialist domestic abuse support provider is present at the core group or case conference in order to assess the suitability and prioritise the safety of the victim and children.

Once you have identified a potential candidate please contact the specialist domestic abuse support provider in your area to initiate this pre-assessment stage of making a referral.

In Birmingham & Solihull – Birmingham and Solihull Women’s Aid: 0808 800 0028 /
In Sandwell, Dudley and Walsall – Black Country Women’s Aid: 0121 553 0090 /
In Wolverhampton – The Haven Wolverhampton: 0800 0194 400 /
In Coventry – Coventry Haven: 07515 761 507 /

If for any reason this has not been possible, referrals for the female to receive specialist domestic abuse support MUST be made to the specialist provider at the same time as the referral for perpetrators to attend the programme.

Referrals for the My Time DVPP are to be sent to:

Should you require any further information, and to access the relevant referral forms, please contact The Haven Wolverhampton directly.


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