Opportunity ID: DN301526

Title: PP17007 – Community Reablement Service

Categories: 85000000 – Healthcare Services

Re-ablement embeds a philosophy and approach which supports people to build on their current strengths and abilities which empower individuals to ‘do things for themselves’ rather than having things done for them. This is a short-term (up to six weeks) provision and encourages individuals to develop the confidence and skills to carry out these activities themselves and consequently, removes or reduces the need for ongoing domiciliary care, and other formal support.

This Service will be inclusive for people with dementia who have a functional diagnosis to remain active and connected within their community. People should not be excluded based on a dementia diagnosis. People should be assessed on the basis of their needs and strengths without prejudice about their potential to be re-abled.

Region(s) of supply: Wolverhampton

Estimated value: £575,000.00

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