Wolverhampton Social Prescribing is growing from strength to strength. In the five months since the launch, over 60% of GPs  across the city are using the service.

Service users themselves have expressed how much they value their link workers for their positive approach and support.
One client stated, “I’ve got to tell you how much you have helped me. Talking with you the other day has made me feel so much better, it has given me the confidence to look after myself and now I’m determined to get better.”

A GP involved with the project at their practice is proactively asking elderly frail patients about social issues, which is leading to increasing referrals from them.
The doctor explained that getting an interested lead GP, nurse or practice manager to keep reminding each other to think of relevant patients who would benefit from Social Prescribing is important; “We discuss it at our weekly team meetings to keep reminding people or they forget!”

To date, we have made 130 referrals to a range of voluntary, community, social enterprise, and statutory bodies in Wolverhampton and the surrounding district. The majority of these referrals have been to organisations that work with older people, mental health matters, volunteering, advice services, and Asian women’s support groups.

We look forward to improving the health and well-being of an increasing number of Wolverhampton residents in the future, by fostering additional links with other health and social care providers across the city.


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