Good Shepherd Ministry is a charity whose aim is to assist the homeless and others in need in Wolverhampton. We provide practical assistance in the form of food, clothing, bedding and toiletries – some of the basic necessities of life.

The ministry was begun in 1972 by a Roman Catholic religious order of Brothers, The Little Brothers of the Good Shepherd. The Brothers (who are now known as the Brothers of St John of God, details of whom can be found at their main website ) have projects to help the poor in many countries on all continents. Over the years the Brothers have been involved in various works to help people in need in Wolverhampton.

The current project began in 2003 and takes place in the Methodist Centre, Darlington Street. It began in a small way but grew over the years as the need increased and more support was received from the community. Today our assistance program is operating 7 days a week, helping about 250 people each day, individuals and families.


In the run up to Christmas, the charity are in need of donations to enable them to serve as many people as possible over the holidays. If you would like to donate non-perishable items, such as canned or packaged goods, there are several collection points across Wolverhampton.


Any donations will be greatly appreciated!

These can be left at:

Starbucks (Wolverhampton City Centre)

Sainsburys (St Marks)

Darlington St Methodist Church






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