“Are you a committed senior leader with multiple responsibilities in the Women and Girls sector? Are you keen to enhance your ability to lead with skill, while empowering, inspiring, and supporting women around you? Does your role require you to drive change and inspire high performance whilst handling complex relationships?

Our Senior Leader Women and Girls Sector Programme is a curated 4-months leadership journey aimed at those with 6-10 years’ experience as a leader in the Women and Girls sector, who are keen to expand their leadership capabilities and participate in sector wide leadership.

Overcoming the challenges and barriers facing the Women and Girls sector necessitates social leaders who are confident, empowered, resilient, and possess the skills, capabilities, and drive to continue combatting the issues stemming from gender inequality and injustice. Our Senior Leader Programme draws on all aspects of our Social Leader’s Capabilities Framework to develop inspirational, empowering, focused, and generous leadership capabilities, which can contribute to building a powerful women’s movement.

Designed around the needs of those with existing commitments, the programme utilises a blended approach to learning, with time for reflection and the ability to apply the learned approaches in practice. The programme additionally provides access to world-class leadership experts and opportunities to build connections with leaders from across the sector and the UK.

Upon successful completion of the programme, participants are awarded the Clore Social Leadership Fellowship and are genuinely encouraged to play an active role in our Social Leader’s community.”


For further information, please visit their website.


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