The Integrated Communities Innovation Fund is about stimulating new thinking, building new partnerships and testing innovative approaches
It aims to discover and support innovative approaches, helping to improve our collective understanding of what works in building integrated communities.  The fund will support innovative ideas to encourage integration address the breadth of factors which can lead to poor integration – these include:

The fund is working in partnership with Sport England, which is contributing to the new Integrated Communities Innovation Fund, to support projects that use sport and physical activity to encourage integration.
The new Fund will support different types and scales of projects to encourage integration. Innovative projects could, for example, involve small-scale but impactful changes to existing services accessed by a large number of participants. Other more intensive approaches may involve projects which require more substantial funding because they are testing an intensive and transformational approach. All applicants will be required to show evidence of how their projects are likely to achieve effective integration

In summary, the fund will support projects that:
• Are innovative in how they tackle systemic integration challenges, including experimentation in the design of new approaches.
• Offer sound reasoning as to why they will be likely to achieve positive integration outcomes and, where available, have a clear evidence base to support this.
• Have a clear understanding of how outcomes will be measured and how the success of the project can be evaluated.
• Demonstrate how they have, or will secure, buy-in to the proposal from delivery partners and from the local communities in which they will be tested.
• Show potential for growth, both in terms of the number of people reached and effectiveness in different local contexts.
• Demonstrate clear deliverability, good value for money and are financially sustainable.
• Are led by organisations that are willing to share their experiences and learning, both honestly and widely.

Note: the fund will not fund projects which involve English language as their primary outcome, such as ESOL provision as this is covered by another funding source.

Stage one requires applicants to submit an expression of interest by 23:45 Monday 20th August using the Expression of interest form.

Integrated Communities Innovation Fund will offer funding in financial years 2018/19 and 2019/20. Proposals for projects are invited that can be up and running shortly after notification of a successful application to the Fund, and will have completed delivery by early 2020, in order to allow sufficient time for the independent evaluation mentioned above.  All funding is revenue funding only.

There is no minimum or maximum amount of funding for which applicants can apply; however the value for money the project offers will be one of the criteria used to assess full applications, as part of stage two.


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