SUITThe Service User Involvement Team (SUIT) was set up in February 2007 in order to give the users of Wolverhampton Substance Misuse Services  a voice in the way that services are provided.

A service user is anyone who is accessing Wolverhampton Drug and/or  Alcohol  Services i.e. NACRO, Aquarius,  Residential Rehab, Shared Care with their own GP etc.

Our aim is to equip Service Users with the skills they need to ensure they have the Best Treatment Services available.

WVSC is commissioned to deliver this service and employs a full-time Service User Involvement Officer (on behalf of Wolverhampton Drugs Services), full-time Project Development Worker, a part-time project administrator and a part-time Project Worker.

SUIT recruit and train current an ex service users as Volunteer Recovery Support workers and Mentors.

Volunteers are offered educational, vocational and practical experience within the substance misuse sector (at ground level and strategically) wrapped around a competency assessment framework.

SUIT achieved APS (Approved Provider Standards) in May 2013 in Mentoring, particularly mentoring offenders) and have also been finalists for two consecutive years (2012 & 2013) at the coveted National Management and Leadership Awards; in association with CMI (Chartered Management Institute).

SUIT also have their own website which includes a section on Employment,  Useful Links, Social Media Links, News, About Us, Downloadable Volunteer Application forms plus much more.

Visit the website here:

You can contact the team directly:

Sunny Dhadley Drug Service User Involvement Officer (Manager)
Jason SpreckleyDevelopment
Leanne HarperProject
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