uofbThe University of Birmingham is currently looking for social enterprises, third sector organisations, and charities, to host placement opportunities for students enrolled on their MA Policy into Practice programme.

The post-graduate programme has been running for over ten years, and includes a large cohort of senior South Korean government officers who have been selected for overseas study. The majority of these students are mid-level civil servants, who have several years’ experience in government and a familiarity with the work of governmental organisations, as well as possessing good English language skills.

The Masters programme lasts for two years, and students undertake work based placements for 20 weeks – generally working three short days per week. This allows them to pursue their interests within social enterprise and the voluntary sector, and to showcase their own areas of expertise http://genericsing.com within these fields.

The University of Birmingham is now seeking to organise placements for the next cohort and is therefore inviting social enterprises and third sector organisations to apply to host one of these students.

Placements offered should ideally be of mutual value to both the student and the host organisation, and the university will work with the host to devise a programme of work which will be beneficial to both parties.

This might include allowing the student to undertake a specific piece of research or assisting on a large scale project, volunteering, administrative duties, shadowing and supporting existing staff, or supporting the management and planning of events.


If you would like further information about hosting a placement, please contact Dr Kelly Hall via email at k.j.hall@bham.ac.uk , or alternatively by telephone, on 0121 415 8027.


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